My Writing Routine

Recently, I’ve been sharing a lot of my writing method on Instagram and I’ve had a lot of questions about it. My writing usually happens in the odd moments I grab here and there, but since I’ve had a lot more free time in lockdown, I’ve been trying to make it a bit more consistent… Continue reading My Writing Routine

Mid-Year Freak Out Tag

I’m back again!! And a little late on this one (shh, just pretend we’re still in June!!). I was tagged in this tag on Instagram by @the_pundlit so I hope she won’t mind that I’m writing a post for it (it just seemed too good an opportunity to miss!!). The first half of this year… Continue reading Mid-Year Freak Out Tag

How to Win NaNoWriMo

You may have seen my recent post, ‘My Experience With NaNoWriMo’, and if so, you’ll know how useful and enjoyable I found Camp NaNoWriMo (honestly, I owe NaNoWriMo everything for getting me back into writing consistently). You might also know that Camp NaNoWriMo is returning in July (which is coming up on us so quickly,… Continue reading How to Win NaNoWriMo

About Me

Hello everybody, and welcome to my blog, Inky Paper Pages! I am Millie, an avid reader and writer-in-progress from the UK. I love photographing and reviewing books, as well as connecting with the bookish community here and on Instagram and Goodreads. Fantasy and YA fiction are my favourites (so I fit right in on bookstagram) but recently I have been trying to make a conscious effort to branch out more in terms of genres.

Here, I post about reading (reviews, hauls, recommendations) and writing (my own experience and the tips I have picked up along the way). I will also be posting the tips and tricks for taking photos and posting on bookstagram (where you can find me @inky_paperpages). I hope you enjoy my blog and please feel free to to message me here or on Instagram if you want to discuss reading, writing or anything bookish!

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“I spent my life folded between the pages of a book”

Tahereh Mafi